How to Use an Extractor Warframe to Get Better Materials from your Warframe

The extractor is a warframe that can be used to farm resources from dead enemies. The extractor can be used to farm for ores, polymers, alloys and isotopes. The difference between these resources are that they can be gathered into different quantities during extraction by using the correct warframe mod.

The extractor warframe has two abilities that are commonly used when extracting:

–          Void dash – this is used to quickly move the extractor into a desired position.

–      Extract loot – activates the extraction laser that will gather materials from nearby enemies. The mod for this ability determines what type of material it will gather from the enemy. When an enemy dies, a white beam appears which indicates that if the extractor walks into it, she will be able to gather the resources. Enemies that are highlighted with a yellow beam do not have anything left to give and enemies that haven’t died yet will not yield any resources.

Note: The warframe used for extraction does not have to kill the enemy or even take part in combat, as long as the extraction beam from the warframe touches an enemy, it will give you some of its loot.

It has the ability to kill enemies quickly and efficiently, but it does not have any defensive abilities.mThe extractor warframe can be equipped with any type of warframe mod, but having the right mods are crucial to being able to extract efficiently and effectively.

What mods should you use?

The first mod that is essential for the extractor warframe is “Streamline”. This mod increases efficiency and extraction speed by up to 15%.

The second mod that you should have is “Cunning Drift”. This will increase the range of the extractor’s laser, allowing her to gather materials from more enemies. Having this mod equipped on both your warframe and weapon will give you a better chance of being able to touch an enemy before they die so you can gain their loot.

The third mod you should have equipped is “Overextended”. This will allow the extractor to be able to shoot her laser further. Having this mod on your weapon and warframe will give you an even better chance of touching an enemy before it dies so you can get its loot.

So, how to use extractor warframe?

When you start a mission, immediately switch to the Warframe and select the “Extractor” loadout.

Instead of using your primary or secondary weapon, use your melee weapon as this will allow you to move quickly. Locate a good position for extraction. When positioning yourself for extraction, remember that it is better to be close to enemies as this gives you a better chance of being able to touch the enemy with your extraction beam.

When an enemy dies, move into its position and then use “Extract Loot”. When you have done that, immediately dash away as sometimes the spawn rate of new enemies can be high, meaning that there could be additional enemies who might try to attack you.

The next time that you go into a mission with an extractor warframe, try gathering loot from as many enemies as possible. This will allow you to gain more resources and level up your items more quickly than if you only fought a few enemies and not touched any of them once they were dead.


Extractor warframe is the best way to gain resources, with its “Extract Loot” ability which can be used without worrying about enemies attacking you. The correct mods for this warframe are “Streamline”, “Cunning Drift”, and “Overextended”. These three mods together will allow you to gather loot from as many enemies as possible. In order to maximise your chance of gathering loot, always try to position yourself close to enemies so you can touch them before they die.

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